14th Jul 2017
Tony Blake

Financial fraud is now the number 1 crime in the UK.  In 2016, £768m was lost, equating to roughly £2m every single day.  The Metropolitan and City of London Police have a Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit, sponsored by the banking industry.  Last night Tony Blake, Senior Fraud Prevention...Read more

22nd Jun 2017
Andy Green

The UK Money Markets Code is a voluntary agreement setting out the expectation for all who participate in the UK Money Markets to act in a manner which promotes the integrity and effective functioning of the Markets.Read more

9th Jun 2017
Emma McHugh

Although polls had narrowed in recent days, a Conservative win had still been factored in by markets.  Over the past weeks, a Conservative landslide was looking less likely and was reflected in a fall in sterling, but a coalition/minority government was not the central scenario in forecasts.  As...Read more

11th May 2017
Emma McHugh

The Bank of England has announced their decision to keep interest rates at 0.25% following Thursday’s meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC).  The vote for rates to remain at 0.25% was passed by seven votes with Kristen...Read more

Alexander Hoare

Alexander Hoare has won the prestigious ‘City Philanthropy 2017’ Beacon Award in recognition of his work with the Golden Bottle Trust.  The ‘City Philanthropy’ award category celebrates the work of a philanthropist based in the City of London, Mayfair, or Canary Wharf whose work ‘will inspire...Read more