Current Accounts

As an eleventh-generation family enterprise, we’ve mastered the art of business banking. We understand the rewards of running a business and are able to anticipate the challenges.

Individual care

Whether we are working with established companies or tomorrow’s success stories, close relationships are the foundation of our service. We are pleased to support a wide variety of businesses, from rural enterprises to ventures in technology and the arts. Your relationship manager will get to know your working practice and plans for the future, crafting individually tailored services to help your business prosper.

The extra mile

Time and again we have gone the extra mile to meet our customers’ needs. Many of our relationships encompass both personal and business banking, and our customers value the integrated approach we bring to their financial affairs (we offer, for example, a single, online portal to both sets of accounts).

We provide a range of payment facilities, allowing you and selected employees to access your accounts as required. Current accounts are available in several major currencies. Our business credit cards offer online account management, with flexible credit limits that can be adjusted for each staff member within your organisation.

Our tariff gives you the capacity to add as many current accounts as your business requires at no additional cost. You can be assured, too, that we will manage the transfer of your day-to-day banking to us quickly and efficiently.

Powerfully connected

We know speed of access is important to our business customers. Your relationship manager or their immediate team can be reached without delay: telephone calls to the bank are answered promptly, while our fraud-prevention team stands by to support you, day or night.

Seamless spending

Our environmentally friendly business cards are manufactured from a plant-based alternative to plastic. Contactless and Visa-Secure-enabled for safety as you spend, they can be used to withdraw cash and purchase goods from any retailer displaying the Visa logo.

Additional cards can be issued to employees; for ease of accounting, amalgamated monthly statements are issued to the primary account holder, with transactions listed separately for each employee. Account holders can also view individual employees’ balances, limits and transaction history online.

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