Treasury & Foreign Exchange

Our team combines market experience and specialist expertise to help businesses with all their foreign exchange needs.

Continuously connected

The fast-paced nature of foreign exchange (FX) markets adds a complex dynamic to business transactions. We keep a keen eye on developing trends and simplify market complexities to help you achieve the right outcomes now and in the future.

Tailored, timely insight

Our Treasury team will work with you to understand the individual challenges and opportunities facing your firm. With a constant eye on global market fluctuations, our in-house specialists provide expert perspective to help inform our customers’ decisions. Business customers are invited to subscribe to our weekly Treasury Market Commentary, a complimentary, jargon-free update providing valuable insight into geopolitical events and expected developments in global currencies. While this does not constitute investment advice, it may serve to guide your corporate trading strategies.

We also understand that speed is key when trading foreign exchange. We are active in FX markets and our fast-acting trading capabilities can help execute your decisions promptly.

Choice and control

We draw on our knowledge of your business to help you determine appropriate levels of exchange-rate risk, and our robust balance sheet is a continued source of reassurance.

Business currency accounts are available in multiple denominations, allowing you to hold and trade foreign currency. We provide:

  • limit orders, which allow us to execute trades for you (inside and outside UK trading hours) if the rate moves favourably and hits your chosen level;
  • stop-loss orders, which allow us to execute trades for you (inside and outside UK trading hours) if the rate moves against you and hits your chosen level.

(Limit orders and stop-loss orders are tradable in Asian, European and North American sessions.)

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