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At C. Hoare & Co. we build personal, longstanding relationships with our customers. 
On joining the bank each customer is offered the services of a dedicated relationship manager who will remain your central point of contact and take the time to understand your requirements.

We understand that although banking is a personal matter, our customers often need a quick and simple way to access their money. Our online banking service and mobile banking app allow you to manage and access your money wherever you are.

We offer currency accounts, upon request, in several major currencies.
Our GBP Visa contactless credit and debit cards can be used at most ATMs in the UK and abroad.  We also offer EUR and USD Visa credit cards.

We participate in the Current Account Switch Service which simplifies the process of transferring your day to day banking to us.

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Your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) can be found in your online bank account as well as your bank statement.  The bank's BIC (Bank Identifier Code) is HOABGB2L and is shown only on your bank statement.  You may be required to provide both the IBAN and BIC if funds are being sent from abroad otherwise you may find your money is delayed or even returned to the payer.