Working with Professional Advisers

Professional advisers know C. Hoare & Co. can be trusted to provide their clients with a truly personal service characterised by flexibility, responsiveness and discretion.

Our Approach

Whether your clients’ requirements are complex, time-critical, or simply non-standard, we will invest time to understand the specific circumstances. All prospective customers have a meeting with a partner and, on joining the bank, they are assigned a relationship  manager who will get to know them, their family, and their particular banking needs.

Relationships built on trust 

A large majority of new customers are recommended to us, either by current customers or by professional advisers. We consider this an endorsement of our service and the distinctive benefits we offer. These include:

  • an attentive relationship manager;
  • outstanding customer service;
  • fast, flexible decision making;
  • thorough due diligence;
  • deep experience of making the complex simple;
  • competitive digital capabilities;
  • stable funding and unlimited liability.

Flexible, tailored lending

There is no such thing as a typical C. Hoare & Co. customer. We consider each customer individually. However, most will have a strong UK connection, they will have needs that are well matched by the bank’s style of service, and they will share our values.

We are also happy to consider customers with potential, rather than immediate, requirements. These might include, for example:

  • a pending or forthcoming asset sale;
  • a safe home for future deposits;
  • borrowing for an anticipated change in circumstances.

That said, we frequently establish very effective relationships with advisers and their clients because their outlook and interests so closely reflect our own. Please click on the headings for more details of our services to the following five groups:

  • Farms & Estates – As the proprietors of estates in South West England, the Hoare family understands the opportunities and challenges facing landowners and how much these have changed over successive generations.
  • Family Offices & Family Businesses – As a twelfth-generation, family-owned bank, C. Hoare & Co. is ideally placed to support continuity and stewardship, and the bank’s long history is testament to our commitment to the preservation of family wealth.
  • Entrepreneurs With a vast network of contacts built up over generations, we can provide access to ideas, experience and resources across all business sectors, making the introductions that entrepreneurs need in order to thrive at all points in the business cycle.
  • City Professionals – Successful high-earning individuals working in the City are often relieved to find a banking service that is truly personal, flexible, responsive and discreet. They also appreciate the ability to deal directly with our partners and the most senior members of our management team.
  • Arts, Culture & Entertainment Our customers come from all branches of the arts, culture and entertainment sector. We understand their particular needs, not least those arising from inconsistent or unpredictable incomes. And we welcome them into an influential community with regular events where they can share ideas and experience.


We offer a range of bespoke banking services, all delivering exceptional quality and value for money. These include:

Day-to-day banking – For most customers, our current account is the cornerstone of their relationship with the bank, providing them with all services they expect, including online and mobile banking, cards in GBP, EUR and USD, the ability to make payments in the UK and abroad, and swift access to their relationship manager.

Deposits – We offer fixed-term deposits, notice accounts and instant-access accounts, while the partners’ unlimited liability and conservative approach to risk allow our customers peace of mind while their money is in our keeping.

Borrowing – Our independence, flexibility and short lines of communication offer important benefits when dealing with unusual or urgent requests. We are happy to work flexibly and pragmatically with you to support your clients in areas such as intergenerational wealth transfer, retirement planning, luxury purchases, funding for share capital purchases, and private equity investment.

Foreign Exchange C. Hoare & Co. customers are able to make payments in all major currencies (with same-day settlements) and place limit orders to lock in favourable rates. The bank also provides forward contracts and supports non-speculative hedging strategies.