Spencer Hyman of Cocoa Runners provided us with an informative and taste filled evening. We learned how many chocolate makers don’t use cocoa butter in their products – as a commodity it is valuable and used in other products, such as make up.Read more


On Wednesday afternoon, bank customers were invited to an illustrated talk by Nick Ross, Director of Art History Abroad, on Rembrandt’s turbulent and controversial later years followed by a viewing at The National Gallery exhibition ‘Rembrandt: The Late Works’.Read more

We were delighted to welcome Stephanie Flanders as guest speaker at our Autumn Investment Update to intermediaries where she discussed her thoughts and intepretations of the current markets from an economic perspective, and how this influenced investment selection.Read more

We were delighted that renowned author Bernard Cornwell OBE agreed to talk to customers, as part of our events programme. He spoke about his newest publication and his first non-fiction book, Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles; a true story of the epic battle of...Read more

23rd Oct 2014

Dame Stephanie Shirley gave a fascinating talk for customers at the bank recently giving insights in to her published memoir ''Let IT Go''. Dame Stephanie is a business and motivational speaker with a special focus on philanthropy and women's issues.Read more