Family Offices & Family Businesses

Owned by the Hoare family for 12 generations, we are ideally placed to help family offices and family businesses.

Our approach 

History has taught us the importance of continuity and stewardship and we enjoy helping families manage and preserve their wealth. Our specialist relationship managers are pleased to work with family-office and family-business executives, as well as with principals. 

We understand the responsibility that comes with maintaining an enterprise for future generations. So we are well placed to help families manage their finances.

Your relationship manager will spend time at your family office to understand fully your requirements and ways of operating. Our partners are also available to offer advice based on their own experience of running a family business. Always discreet, we consider strategies for the long term but make swift decisions, as we recognise the time pressures of the family-office and family-business environment.

Flexible banking

Family offices holding numerous current accounts across a range of entities depend on smooth and transparent banking that keeps administration to a minimum. Our online banking service allows transactions to be carried out and viewed easily via a single portal. We can accommodate the most complex signing instructions and tailor mandates and spending limits appropriately. 

C. Hoare & Co. Visa cards can be issued to multiple family members and employees, facilitating spending in the UK and overseas.


Independent and agile, we can be relied upon for fast, flexible lending. Working closely with our borrowing specialists, your relationship manager will devise structures tailored to meet your long-term family-office requirements. Revolving loan facilities have given many of our customers a clear advantage, enabling them to make acquisitions swiftly when the need arises (and, importantly, allowing them time to consider asset liquidation or other, longer-term financial strategies). Foreign exchange services are also available to enable investment in assets ranging from property to private equity and art.

Intergenerational planning

Succession planning is essential for the long-term viability of a family office, yet fewer than one in five family offices has a robust intergenerational strategy in place. With a proven history of wealth preservation, we are passionate about giving our customers the support they need to consider the future with confidence. We draw on personal experience and specialist expertise to help build succession plans that will stand the test of time, giving careful thought to the requirements of the next generation and supporting intergenerational relationships.

Peer support

Many of our customers appreciate the opportunity to be part of the bank’s powerful network. With an extensive programme of seminars and events, we forge connections between family offices/businesses and share insights that cannot be found elsewhere. Our ‘Next Generation’ initiatives have prepared many younger customers for their future responsibilities and brought about valuable introductions to others in similar roles.

Supporting you


Family-business arrangements can be complicated and require sensitive management. Our specialist services simplify day-to-day and long-term family-office management to provide continuity for families, their businesses and their advisers.