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We are the United Kingdom's oldest, family owned private bank. We combine a modern approach to banking and technology with our traditional values. We aim to build long-term relationships with all our customers and to offer an exceptional and personalised service.
Offering multiple services and expertise under ‘one roof’ enables us to combine the delivery of these services, wherever possible, to make it convenient, consistent and efficient for our customers.

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News & Events

  • Rob Jeffree, Richard Garland and Emma McHughBrexit; should we stay or should we go?25th May 2016

    For our second podcast, we focus on Europe and the upcoming Brexit vote on 23rd June. A recent poll conducted by the Financial Times suggests that 47% of the electorate want to remain in the EU, and 41% want to leave. Our strategists make the case for both sides of the de...

  • C. Hoare & Co. 37 Fleet StreetInvestment Briefing - 26th April 201611th May 2016

    "Demographics is the future that has already happened" - Peter Drucker

    We would like to thank our customers who attended our recent biannual Wealth Management Investment Briefing.  The evening started with a presentation by our Head of Investment Strategy,  Richa...

  • Pocket Watch (www.istockphoto.com)The Importance of Continuity in Wealth9th May 2016

    We were pleased to read Matthew Vincent’s mention of C. Hoare & Co. in the recent Financial Times' article.  Vincent highlights the importance of continuity in wealth management, a value that we fully endorse.  He writes “Jane Austen, if perplexed by the reworking of...

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