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We are the United Kingdom's oldest, family owned private bank. We combine a modern approach to banking and technology with our traditional values. We aim to build long-term relationships with all our customers and to offer an exceptional and personalised service.
Offering multiple services and expertise under ‘one roof’ enables us to combine the delivery of these services, wherever possible, to make it convenient, consistent and efficient for our customers.

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  • Grey glass globe paperweight Istock imageFundamentally questionable13th Apr 2016

    So far this year, Emerging Market (EM) equities have gained 4.2% whereas last year they fell 19.4%.  Why is this?  The main driver has been Latin America, specifically Brazil.  Though Brazil is in its worst recession for over two generations, the campaign to have the pres...

  • istock.comQuarterly Investment Strategy31st Mar 2016

    Stalling growth and cheap oil are putting strong downward pressure on global inflation.  Central banks are now employing further unorthodox policies to push inflation back up as previous attempts to do so have failed. These failures, and the trial of more experimental pol...

  • European Banks24th Mar 2016

    The sell-off in European equities at the start of the year echoed the 2008 financial crisis and sparked concern among investors. The ability of European banks to cover unexpected losses and the quality of their balance sheets has been called into question. We ask how much...

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