Farms & Estates

As the owners of estates in Wiltshire and Devon, the Hoare family understands the intricacies of custodianship. Our expertise and experience, built up over 350 years, is what rural estate owners and their advisers tell us sets us apart from other banks.

Our approach

We understand that, for landowners, the responsibilities of stewardship can be significant. We are well versed in the duties and challenges of estate ownership and management, and our Farms & Estates team will help you maximise opportunities.

Our customers include owners and heirs whose estates have been in the family for hundreds of years, as well as more recent owners, and we happily work alongside customers’ advisers. Whatever the extent of your land and property holdings, whatever your expectations for the future, we will consider the whole picture to help you drive success.

Always discreet, we provide informed insights and can share connections to help you put your vision and principles into practice. We also appreciate the importance of community engagement and an environmental focus.

Expertise you can trust

Our relationship managers pay regular visits to landowners to understand their vision for the future. Our partners, too, are pleased to share their experience and offer first-hand advice.

Farms and estates have been integral to our business since 1672, and we understand better than most their need to stay relevant and informed. We regularly engage with market experts and influencers and our relationship managers are trained at leading institutions such as the Royal Agricultural and Harper Adams universities. 

We have an excellent track record in helping our customers implement change, take advantage of opportunities that diversify their businesses, embrace innovation, and manage family succession. 


A specialist relationship manager will arrange borrowing facilities tailored to your needs: these range from overdrafts to help with working capital to loans for a variety of projects and purposes, with terms from 24 months to 25 years. We can accommodate a range of requirements, including interest-only, deferred drawdowns and flexible repayment plans.


Our approach to day-to-day banking and the services of an experienced relationship manager can make a crucial difference to landowners who place a high value on flexibility and accessibility. Accounts are available for individuals, corporates, trusts and partnerships, while online banking enables you to tailor access and authorisation to fit your operational requirements and puts you in complete control of your finances.

A supportive community

When you bank with C. Hoare & Co., you join a far-reaching community. Our carefully curated programme of Farms & Estates events allows you to share ideas and experiences with other landowning families, and we are happy to effect personal introductions where this may be helpful.   

Photo credit: Owlpen Manor Estate

Supporting you


As bankers to a wide variety of landowners and their families, we will help you make the most of your estate today and build a sustainable future for generations to come.