Trusts & Estates

Effective trust and estate planning is a complex matter. Our experience and expertise will help ensure your wealth is passed on in accordance with your wishes.

Preserving wealth for the future starts now

The structures you establish for your wealth now profoundly affect the control you are able to maintain when you come to pass it on. We can help you manage complex finances or wealth from family businesses, providing continuity so that your family continues to enjoy, build and protect its assets across generations. Many of our customers have a relationship with the bank spanning several centuries.

Our experts work with other professional advisers such as accountants, solicitors and wealth managers to set in place structures that ensure your wealth is maintained and distributed in line with your wishes.

Specialist expertise

Trusts are among the most important and effective tools in estate planning, enabling you to transfer assets during your lifetime, or after your death, in a tax-efficient manner. Often, however, they are instruments requiring specialist knowledge. Messrs. Hoare Trustees Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of C. Hoare & Co. and the directors are the partners of the bank. We have well over 100 years’ experience of trust administration and we keep abreast of changing regulations to deal promptly and efficiently with any new requirements that may arise.

Help when you need it most

The paperwork following a death is considerable and may be onerous for grieving families. Messrs. Hoare Trustees Limited can act impartially as corporate executor, alone or alongside other executors, to support families in carrying out the wishes of the deceased.

Messrs. Hoare Trustees Limited can be appointed by Will or by codicil, and our appointment can be made contingent upon the death, retirement or incapacity of an existing executor. As a professional executor, we have the necessary expertise to manage all aspects of estate administration, including tax affairs, investment portfolios and property sales. You will have the satisfaction of knowing your affairs are in trusted hands and the beneficiaries of your estate will be reassured to know the arrangements you put in place have been carried out correctly and that all legal obligations have been fulfilled.

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