Our Museum

"The story is a romantic one and of lasting interest to the historian" - Hoare's Bank: A Record

Entering the museum from lively Fleet Street visitors will step into a world of beautiful historic architecture, antique portraits and furniture.  Our collections include records from former customers such as Samuel Pepys, Lord Byron and Jane Austen, offering a unique insight into the minutiae of their lives.

The C. Hoare & Co. museum is home to all of our significant documents and artefacts, bringing the rich history of the bank to life.  As a customer you are welcome to visit the museum with your relationship manager, while archivists and historians from all over the world find there is much to interest them here.  Our archivist will take visitors through the fascinating stories behind our many collections, including coins in mint condition and dating back centuries, and handwritten bank notes.

From looking out of the window over the first public clock to have a minute hand, to pictures of the decorations of the bank for Queen Victoria's coronation there is a sense of history everywhere you turn in the C. Hoare & Co. museum.

If you are a customer, an archivist or historian and would like to visit the museum please go to our Access to the Museum page to find out more.