Forum for the Future of Agriculture 2017

April 2017
David Markham

David Markham from our Landed Estates team attended the Forum for the Future of Agriculture as part of the team’s commitment to staying ahead of industry best practices.  The event focused on the pressing issues of food security, sustainability, and the need for immediate change.  Some of the industry’s most influential thinkers spoke on these issues and the steps that can be taken to ensure a better future:

Kofi Annan spoke on the food crises facing 20 million people in Eastern Africa.  He believes governments and businesses need to come together in putting sustainability before profit and embracing technology.

Dame Ellen MacArthur spoke about the circular economy and the need to move towards a regenerative food system.  Her ideas focus on the bio cycle, where materials provide value at each stage.  She believes that if Europe were to embrace this circular economy it could generate an extra €1.8 trillion.

Jyrki Katainen brought our attention to the drive for sustainable food chain transition.  He spoke on the importance of turning challenges into opportunities and educating consumers to reduce food waste.

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