Alexander wins top philanthropy award

May 2017
Alexander Hoare

Alexander Hoare has won the prestigious ‘City Philanthropy 2017’ Beacon Award in recognition of his work with the Golden Bottle Trust.  The ‘City Philanthropy’ award category celebrates the work of a philanthropist based in the City of London, Mayfair, or Canary Wharf whose work ‘will inspire the next generation of City philanthropists’.  Alexander is setting up a new social investment institution that will open up the market to individual investors as well as institutions.  On receiving the award, Alexander said he was honoured, and welcomes the opportunity to “share the philanthropic tradition which goes back far and wide in our family."

The Golden Bottle Trust has given more than £16.5 million to charity since it was established in 1985.  Each year the bank gives a portion of its profits to the trust to support charities in that year and to create a reserve in support of future giving.  Last year the bank donated more than £1.8 million to the Golden Bottle Trust which donates to many causes including those concerning the arts, education and health.

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