Investment Updates

October 2015
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The US economy looks stronger, with major indicators at levels not seen since the beginning of 2008’s financial crisis.  The US consumer is seeing their real income increase, although interest rates are expected to continue at their extraordinary low levels for the near term.Read more

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The China-led equity market fall and approach of possible interest rate rises in the US and the UK...Read more

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The US Federal Reserve (Fed) is due to make its eagerly anticipated decision on interest rates this week – it will be the first time since interest rates were cut to almost zero that there is a reasonable chance of an increase.  The Fed is also due to provide an update on its projections for the...Read more


All the talk of currency wars and depreciation of the renminbi have distracted headlines from an unusually volatile sterling.Read more

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This week’s headlines have reported a sharp fall in Chinese and global equities. On balance we feel these movements have been somewhat overdone.Read more