Investment Updates

January 2016

Last week we saw China publish an economic growth rate of 6.9% for 2015.  This was in line with financial market expectations and marginally below the Chinese state’s official target.Read more

January 2016
C. Hoare & Co. Chief Investment Officer

As we enter the Chinese "Year of the Monkey" we question the potential for more mischief in the markets.  Our Chief Investment Officer, Rob Jeffree, discusses this and his outlook for the year in our first podcast of 2016.Read more

January 2016

Ever since it was announced that there would be a referendum on UK membership of the European Union, we have been warily watching movements in sterling.Read more

It has been a tough opening start to the year with falls in markets across the board. There was a sharp sell-off in both the Chinese currency and stock market with markets surprised at the level of economic weakness.Read more


At the start of 2015 we had a broadly supportive view of the economy but there were a number of risks that gave us some cause for concern.  Overall, the year began on a note of uncertainty.  Now we find ourselves at a crossroads; will this long recovery continue or will it be disrupted by an...Read more