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Rob Jeffree and Emma Hughes

The Investment Strategy Team discuss the immediate effects from the Brexit results and their immediate responses.Read more

Brexit (

Overnight the nation made the historic decision to vote in favour of leaving the European Union (EU).  Given that the referendum outcome is not legally binding and does not need to be enacted immediately, the result does not remove economic and political uncertainty.  The UK will have up to two...Read more

Coat of Arms from Spain

There is more than one vote this month which has the potential to cause volatility in markets: the Spanish General Election.  Almost six months ago Spain had a General Election but it failed to return a government, as such, there will be a re-run of the vote on June 26th.Read more

Rob Jeffree, Richard Garland and Emma McHugh

For our second podcast, we focus on Europe and the upcoming Brexit vote on 23rd June. A recent poll conducted by the Financial Times suggests that 47% of the electorate want to remain in the EU, and 41% want to leave. Our strategists make the case for both sides of the debate, focussing on trade...Read more

C. Hoare & Co. 37 Fleet Street

"Demographics is the future that has already happened" - Peter Drucker

We would like to thank our customers who attended our recent biannual Wealth Management Investment Briefing.  The evening started with a presentation by our Head of Investment Strategy,  Richard Garland, on the...Read more