Investment Updates

October 2016

In an unusual move for a party leader, Theresa May addressed the Conservative Party conference on the first day and set out the agenda for so-called Brexit. The Prime Minister plans to activate Article 50 (the legal notification to leave the European Union (EU)) by the end of March 2017. The UK...Read more

September 2016

Following another week in which the US Federal Reserve (the Fed) and Bank of Japan (BoJ) gave their latest pronouncements on policy, we remain concerned that central banks need more help from governments to help propel economies forward.  The Fed again delayed raising interest rates but their...Read more

September 2016

After several tough years, the outlook for Emerging Market (EM) equities is finally improving.  Chinese economic growth and US monetary policy have both played an important role in this uplift.Read more

August 2016

102 years after opening, the Panama Canal has recently undergone considerable change.  It has been upgraded and expanded in order to increase traffic by over 50%.  Up until now, American importers and exporters have transported goods overland across the US or through the Suez Canal; expensive...Read more

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The effects of the UK vote to leave the European Union (EU) were immediately evident in markets.  The FTSE 100 index fell 3% on Friday and a further 2.5% on Monday.  Sterling had fallen 11% against the US dollar on Monday.  However by the close of business on Wednesday the FTSE 100 had recovered...Read more