General News

Alexander S Hoare

Managing Partner Alexander Hoare publishes his summer letter to customers in which he discusses notable topics, such as our new chairman and other Board changes.Read more

Philanthropy Impact

Nice to read the published interview of Alexander S Hoare in the June issue of the Philanthropy Impact Magazine. They describe  ‘a major modernisation of the bank's services’ and the shaping of the ‘most innovative grant making projects’ in The Bull Dog Trust.Read more

Capital Gains Tax and Income Reports for year 2015/16 are currently being processed and will be despatched to you shortly. If you need your report by a specific date, please contact your Portfolio or Relationship Manager.Read more

It has been a mixed year so far for high yield corporate bonds (the type of debt that pays a higher yield than investment grade bonds due to a higher risk of default).  Both European and US markets weakened significantly from November 2015 to February 2016, but both have rallied since.Read more

Pocket Watch (

We were pleased to read Matthew Vincent’s mention of C. Hoare & Co. in the recent Financial Times' article.  Vincent highlights the importance of continuity in wealth management, a value that we fully endorse.  He writes “Jane Austen, if perplexed by the reworking of her novel for...Read more