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With the holiday season upon us, we asked our Visa and treasury departments for their advice about paying for goods and services whilst travelling internationally. Using your debit or credit card abroad can be a convenient, flexible and cost-effective way to pay. However, it is worth being aware...Read more

Several of our customers have recently received ‘nudge’ letters from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). These letters suggest that taxpayers ensure they have fully declared any taxable offshore income and gains by the end of September 2018, under the threat of increasingly severe penalties.Read more

The balance sheet remains very strong, and reflects healthy profits in the year ending March 2018. We continue to attract a good inflow of high quality new customers and attractive new business (despite concerns over asset prices).Read more

Our esteemed panel of speakers (listed below) gathered together to present and debate the various different aspects of the current UK prison system. This was the final talk in the Winter 2017/18 series.Read more

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Online shopping, the rise of social media and the prolific use of smart phones are just some of the ways that our lives have changed over the last two decades. These changes have affected the way our personal information is collected, transmitted, stored, used and shared.

In the UK, an...Read more