The Private Gardens of England

10th Mar 2017

Our guests enjoyed a wonderful evening as Tania Compton took us on a journey through beautiful private gardens. From manicured lawns to towering palms set within conservatories to gardens which have overgrown into natural wonders, Tania’s words and photography were captivating. We count ourselves thoroughly lucky to have glimpsed inside some of Britain’s most beautiful private gardens.

Tania is a trustee of the Garden Museum, which aims to bring green space and gardens into the lives of children in London whose location means they have very little access to green spaces. It is a wonderful project and one we hope will inspire gardeners of large and small spaces throughout the UK. The Garden Wall appeal allows visitors to adopt a tile and use their own image of a favourite garden to create an intricate mosaic which will form a wall facing the museum’s garden.

To find out more about the Garden Wall appeal please click here.

To find out more about the Garden Museum please click here.

Photo credit goes to Sabina Rüber