Economic Outlook

Earlier this month, we were delighted to sponsor and arrange speakers for the Employability Event Series with Villiers Park, a charity which improves equality in education for disadvantaged young people and empowers them to realise their career ambitions.Read more

Exit from the Eurozone (

The bank hosted a lively debate on whether the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union.

Jeff Randall, Sky news presenter facilitated the debate, opening the evening by asking the audience how many were undecided and more than half the audience raised their hands....Read more

2nd Oct 2015

The bank hosted a round table discussion on Friday 2nd October titled “The Benchmark Puzzle” where guests explored the perceptions and misconceptions of benchmark choice.Read more

We were delighted to welcome Stephanie Flanders as guest speaker at our Autumn Investment Update to intermediaries where she discussed her thoughts and intepretations of the current markets from an economic perspective, and how this influenced investment selection.Read more

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In September David Cavaye, C. Hoare & Co.’s Chief Investment Officer and Robert Jeffree, our Head of Fund Selection, gave two investment briefing presentations. One was to a group of professional advisers and the other to a group of discretionary investment customers.

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