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On Thursday 11th January, as part of our 14th series of Evening Talks, Anna Jones & Tamsyn Brewster, co-founders of RefuAid, came to the bank. They shared the remarkable story of how they empower refugees in Greece and the UK to regain their lost independence. The current refugee response...Read more

26th Sep 2017
Products made by women in East Africa for Kisany

As part of our ongoing commitment to support social enterprises, we recently invited Manuela del Marmol and Nathalie Cambier from Kisany: Living Linens to tell our customers about the exceptional work that they do for vulnerable women in East Africa.Read more

11th May 2017
Luke Johnson


“The most successful people are those who have mastered their time.”

As part of our ‘Entrepreneurs forum’ Luke Johnson, Chairman of Risk Capital Partners, former Chairman of Channel 4 Television and author for The Sunday Times, spoke to customers of the bank about life as a...Read more

John Ayton

An enjoyable evening was had, listening to the fascinating tale of how Links of London was set up and established.  John covered the point on the importance of data and digital skills, of owning the relationships with the customer, having optimism and a partner with a good aesthetic eye.  Within...Read more

Economics, Relationships and Creating a Just Society

Last night we had the pleasure of enjoying an evening with Dr Michael Schluter at one of Alexander’s talks.  Michael Schluter discussed his theory on the 'Copernican Revolution' required in public policy, which argues that we should put relationships at the heart of everything we do, rather than...Read more