The General Data Protection Regulation

May 2018
Hoares bank

Online shopping, the rise of social media and the prolific use of smart phones are just some of the ways that our lives have changed over the last two decades. These changes have affected the way our personal information is collected, transmitted, stored, used and shared.

In the UK, an individual’s privacy is currently protected by the Data Protection Act 1998. This law will be updated from 25th May 2018 when the GDPR comes into effect, bringing privacy law in line with the world we live in today.

GDPR will be implemented in the UK by the Data Protection Act 2018. The Act will ensure the UK’s data protection regime remains fit for purpose post Brexit.

This regulation will introduce changes which aim to align privacy laws with technological advances. It also aims to future-proof data protection law, improve your data protection rights and harmonise data protection regulation across Europe.

The underlying data protection principles have not changed, though some have been enhanced and amended. We continue to be committed to protecting your personal information and the way we process your personal information will not change under the new laws. Our aim is to maintain your trust and confidence when we handle your personal information whilst continuing to provide a high quality personalised service.

What actions are we are taking?
We have updated our Privacy Notice to provide you with more information about how we collect, use, store and share your personal information.

The Privacy Notice is available on our website at Please be aware that we may make further changes to our Privacy Notice in the future. We have also reviewed how we have collected your consent to receive invitations to our events. If you have previously consented to receive invitations by email, we will ask you to refresh your consent. You can update your marketing preferences at any time by sending an email to or writing to The Data Protection Officer, 37 Fleet Street, London EC4P 4DQ.


What personal information does the bank currently hold about me and how was that information collected?
We collect various types of personal data about you from the moment you first contact the bank. We may gather your details on registration, subscription, on a request to use any of our products or services, or through your use of our online banking service. You may also have submitted your details to us when filling out a form on our website or sending a query to us.

The personal information we hold includes your name, marital status, title, nationality and date of birth. It also includes your contact details, such as your postal address, email address and telephone numbers. We hold some identification data, such as your passport details, driving licence or other identification documents.

We also hold information about your past and current financial position, and the details of any transactions you have carried out using our products and services. The data about your product and service preferences are also kept on record.

All of our correspondence with you, including phone calls, is recorded, as are the details of any visits you make to our website. Information that you provide when completing our surveys (which are optional) will be used for research.

Why does the bank need to collect this information?
We need to be able to confirm your identity and carry out security checks, with the aim of preventing and detecting fraud. We also use your information to assess credit risk.

Your information allows us to comply with various legal and regulatory requirements and to carry out our obligations under any contracts entered into between you and us.

The administration and maintenance of your account(s) requires your personal information, as does responding to your queries and providing you with products and services. Your information is also used to send you marketing information, improve the products and services we offer and notify you about any changes to our products and services.

How will the bank collect and use my information after GDPR has come into effect?
The way we collect and use your personal information will not change under the new laws. If we make changes to how your personal information is used, we will update our Privacy Notice. If significant changes are made to our Privacy Notice we will notify you by post or email.

Can I obtain a copy of the information you hold about me?
Yes. You can request access to the personal information we hold about you at any time. Please send your request to: or: The Data Protection Officer, 37 Fleet Street, London EC4P 4DQ. We will need to verify your identity before we can process your request.